We, David Kelly and Anne-Marie Kelly, are extremely passionate about health and wellbeing.

We both share the belief that a healthy balanced lifestyle is within the individual’s grasp.


David Kelly

I currently practice Reflexology following the Eunice Ingham methodology. I am often asked to scientifically explain what exactly reflexology is and how it can help. My answer is that one should simply try the therapy and experience the wonderful benefits first hand.  I first discovered Reflexology in my mid twenty’s and was genuinely astonished how I reacted to the treatments. I have further witnessed these benefits with many of my clients. The short answer is, Reflexology brings about a state of balance and harmony within the body and mind therefore promoting calmness and healing.


Level 4 diploma in Reflexology with Anatomy and physiology.

Member of the Federation of holistic therapists


I originally trained and qualified as a nurse and then moved into occupational health. Whilst working in occupational health, I became very interested in the holistic approach to health and well-being. I am extremely passionate about the holistic approach to people’s health matters.


Registered general nurse, H.Diploma in occupation health and hygiene

Thai foot massage series