David is an excellent reflexologist.I have being returning to David of over six months now and I am more than satisfied with the many benefits I get from my reflexology treatments. My stress levels have improved. My lower chronic back pain has significantly improved as well as my sleep. I highly recommend David to anyone thinking of getting treatment done. He is very professional and has a lovely way about him.

Olivia O’Leary

"How wrong was I about Reflexology"

In April 2019 I went through a very traumatic and stressful ordeal. As a result, my health took a dramatic downturn. Whenever I would describe to someone how I felt, it was as if my body had gone from being 37 to 77 in a matter of days. I had to give up playing the sports I loved as almost every day for a number of weeks I struggled to get out of bed, the pain in every fibre of my body was aching until I met David.

The medical diagnoses was inflammation but despite repeated increased doses of medication the pain would not subside, in fact my inflammation markers were rising week on week with every blood test that I had to give.

My wife came home one day and asked if I would be interested in Reflexology, she had described my symptoms to a guy in work (David) and he felt he could help me. I was pessimistic about alternative therapies but thought I've nothing to lose.

On my initial session with David he really took the time to talk about what I had been through and took the time to understand how I was feeling. I'm surprised that he didn't stop me to remind me that it was a reflexology session, not a counselling session. He was honest in his assessment that one session would not bring the change that he knew he could achieve, it was going to be a marathon not a sprint and he was right.

At my first session there was points on my feet that that were no go areas, due to the pain I was feeling but David sympathetically worked around these. I stopped my medication and went on to have a further seven sessions with David and with each one I made incremental improvements but not just with the pain in my feet and body but my whole mindset, stress levels and entire outlook. It was amazing that on my seventh session there was no pain in my body or feet.

How wrong was I about Reflexology, but I fully believe it was not just the treatment but also the person behind the treatment that changed my life. There is something about David that is hard to describe in words. David has a lot of passion and belief in what he does. There is an aura around him which fills you with confidence, a belief in him and a trust in his abilities.

Barry Baxter

I first met David in a very different professional environment and as soon as he mentioned to me that he was studying to become a reflexologist, I just knew he was perusing the career best suited to his personality. David is very patient and understanding person and has the most beautiful way about him to put individual at ease. I cannot think of anyone better suited to working in the complimentary therapy industry.
David suggested giving reflexology a go as a possible way to deal with tension and stress in my life. After discussing the benefits, I decided to give reflexology a go. I had been practicing mindfulness and meditation as a way of being present moment and clearing my mind from excess worry and stress, adding in the reflexology sessions proved to be extremely therapeutic for me.
The changes that the sessions had were immense. My sleeping pattern improved, and I started to feel the tension leaving my body. My mindset changed for the better with every session. David really helped with every element of that change and I can’t thank him enough. I always look forward to every session with David and the feeling of complete relaxation that it brings.

I highly recommend David as a fantastic reflexologist.

Catherine Baxter